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This Birmingham beat group formed in 1964. They relocated to Italy in the mid-sixties and actually had several albums released out there, and in other countries such as Holland. Obviously popular in Finland, as well, they also appeared in a film Topralli (“Top Rally”), directed by Yrjo Tahtela in 1966. One of their more interesting releases was 13 Women, a Bill Haley hit, originally released in Europe, which found its way onto President for a 1968 45.
  1. Hey Look Over Here (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
2. That Kind Of Girl (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
3. Working And Smoking (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
4. Tell Me If It is Over (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
5. The Gurgle (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
6. Love, Love, Love (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
7. This Little Girl (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
8. Blue Eyes (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
9. When I Dream (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
10. Cant Afford To Break My Heart Again (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
11. Too Many Hearfaches (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
12. Nobodys Child (Trad.arrBrown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
13. That Song Really Knocks Me (Linsdk?)
14. You are Gonna Lose Her Loving (Lindsk?)
15. Toys (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
16. Big Star (Lindsk)
17. StaiCon Noi ( Simoni-Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
18. I Discorsi Che Mi Fai (Simoni- Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
19. John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Simoni-Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
20. II Piu Grande Amico (Simoni Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
21. SE Sarai La Ragazza Del Cuore (Simoni Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
22. II Momento Giusto (Simoni-Brown Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
23. Un Giorno Tu Mi Cercherai (Pantros Campanino)
24. You Love Me Too (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett) ?
25. My Hearf Must Do The Crying (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
26. Walk Out On You (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
27. Unchain My Hearf (Jones-James)
28. Will You Love Me Tomorrow (King-Goffin)
29. One Day (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
30. Thirteen Women (D. Thomson)

Track 1-12 From The LP THE RENEGADES “Pop” (1966)
Track 13-22 From The LP THE REDEGADES “Half and Hall” (1967)
Track 23-30 Single A & B Sides 1966-67



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