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This is the first time that GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS+ US-only “GIRL ON A SWING”-LP is being made available on CD. Also making their first digital outing here are several rare tracks, which have been taken from stray B-sides,TV shows or were not even released at all in the 1960+s. We+re also proud to bring you two more ultra rare tracks (found on a seldom seen CAN-only album) and a selection of Marsden+s first batch of solo 7″s. August 1966 saw the release of the band+s last TOP 30 entry in the States, namely the 7″ issue of “Girl on a Swing”. Their same titled LP followed three months later, showing strong signs of Marsden+s willingness to tackle more MOR-orientated stuff. Though some lame croonies tend to spoil the album as a whole, there+s still enough good moments making it a much-underrated LP (especially as no less than nine tracks were never to grace a European release). The boys+ sparsely rendition of the often-covered “The way you look tonight” is certainly one of its highlights. “Pretty Flamingo” (a song you+ll either love or loathe) also gets a great treatment here. With the drummer swinging like mad and a groovy Hammond the backing sounds funnily more Manfred-styled than the original! Paul Simon+s “Big bright green…”, arguably stronger than Paul & Artie+s blueprint, showed what the group were capable of. But it was not to be. In fact it was one of the very last recordings made by the PACEMAKERS, as GERRY MARSDEN split the group to begin an erratic solo career. His first four solo singles are included here. Starting with “Please let them be” b/w the Tony Sheridan-penned “I+m not blue” (which still has traces of the old Pacemakers sound), coming out on UK-CBS in March 1967 and ending with his initial release on the NEMS label in 1968 called “In the year of April”. Also worth mentioning is the Bee Gees number “Gilbert Green”, the top deck of his second solo release, but even the Gibb+s couldn+t give Marsden the hit he was looking for. Actually all of his records flopped, and though neither of them is selling for huge amounts of money, they are still hard to come by. Yet another time ROCK-IN-BEAT fills the gaps being left by previous releases. So for all you Mersey fans out there, here+s GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS “lost” recordings…

Syd Kreft
1. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Girl On A Swing (2 05)
2. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS The Way You Look Tonight (2 08)
3. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERSGuantanamera (2 50)
4. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Pretty Flamingo (2 15)
5. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS At The End Of The Rainbow (2 13)
6. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Lookink For My Life (2 43)
7. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine (2 47)
8. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS See You In September (2 26)
9. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Who Can I Turn You (1 51)
10. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Without You (2 55)
11. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Strangers In The Night (1 55)
12. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS La La La (2 38)
13. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS On a Wonderful Day Like Today (2 09)
14. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Tonight (1 51)
15. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS It ll Be Me (2 18)
16. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Hello Little Girl (1 53)
17. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Give All Your Love To Me (2 37)
18. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Fool To Myself (1 56)
19. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Come Back To Me (2 39)
20. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS When Oh When (2 20)
21. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Hallelujah I Love So (2 46)
22. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Ferry Cross The Mersey (2 23)
23. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS It s Gonna Be Alright (1 55)
24. GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Don t Let The Sun Catch You Crying (2 33)
25. GERRY MARSDEN Please Let Them Be (3 30)
26. GERRY MARSDEN I m Not Blue (2 21)
27. GERRY MARSDEN In The Year Of April (3 12)
28. GERRY MARSDEN Every Day (1 59)
29. GERRY MARSDEN Gilbert Green (3 10)
30. GERRY MARSDEN What Makes Me Love You (2 29)
31. GERRY MARSDEN & DEREK NIMMO Liverpool (3 17)
32. GERRY MARSDEN & DEREK NIMMO Charlie Girl (1 37)


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