RB 030 The Swinging Blue Jeans – Dont make me over


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One of the first and undoubtedly one of the best merseybeat-groups. Their full and driving sound was one the few which were comparable with the early merseysound of the Beatles. Except the excellent single-hit, Dont make me over the songs of this CD are never released in Europe or in the USA. A special jewel of this CD is the title Where am I going? 1970 because it was released under the name As Music Motor, not Swinging Blue Jeans. I think it is known only a few fans of the group.

 1.    Iĺm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) (T. Biggs)
&nbsp2.    Gotta Draw The Line (Barrett)
  3.    Iĺm Gonna Have You (Enis-Braid-Kuhlke- Ellis)
  4.    I Donĺt Believe It (Enis-Braid-Kuhlke-Ellis)
  5.    Nobody But Me (Pomus-Shuman)
  6.    You Donĺt Love Me (Raye)
  7.    I Want Love (Lynch)
  8.    Jump Back (Thomas)
  9.    Chug-A-Lug (Roger Miller)
10.     This Boy (Lennon-McCartney)
11.    Do You Believe In Magic (J. Sebastian)
12.&nbsp   Donĺt Make Me Over (David Bacharach)
13.    Wasting Time (Braid)
14.  &nbspThree Little Fishes (Unknown)
15.    Itĺs In Her Kiss (Rudi Clark)
16.    Olĺ Man Mose (Armstrong-Randolph)
17.    Youĺve Got Love (Wilson-Orbison-Petty)
18.    Itĺs True (Unknown)
19.    Get Rid Of Her (Unknown)
20.    Reddy Teddy (Unknown)
21.&nbsp   One Of These Days (Unknown)
22.    Iĺve Got A Girl (Ennis-Ellis-Braid-Kuhlke)
23.&nbsp   Gotta Draw The Line (Version2) (Barrett)
24.    One Woman Man (Pomus-Andreoli-Poncia Jr.)
25.    What Have They Done To Hazel (Woolfson)
26.    Now That Youĺve Got Me (Clint Ballard)
27.    Summer Comes Sunday (Unknown)
28.    Big City (Unknown)
29.&nbsp   Where Am I Going? (Murray)
30.    Sunday Morning Sunshine (Chapin)
31.  &nbspRing, Ring, (B. & S. Andersson-Ulvaeus-Sedeka-Cody)



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