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The Lollipops started up,when they won a childrentalentcontest in Copenhagenin 1960 at the age of 10,9and 12 year.Thebandmembers was the twoLundgreen-brothers Torbenand Joergen and the twoyear older uncle PoulPetersen.In 1961-62 theyplayed a lot in the SwedishFolkparks and gota recordingcontract withSwedish Karusell in 1963.Their first record was a coverversion of Connie FrancisôLollipop Lips”,but quicklythe boys showed that theyhad talent for writing naďvecatchy pop and rocksongs.Itwas the Beatleish”Do you know”,which gavethem theirbigSwedishbreak-through and inthe nextyearsthe three boys meet a realLollipopmania especially inthe south of Sweden.In 1965they did their first album withonly selfcomposed songs.InSeptember 1966 PoulPetersen left the group andHenrik Lund from Stoke Sectjoined them on drums.Funny enough thebreakthrough for the guys intheir own country Denmarkcame first in 1967 with “Stop (before you break my heart)”. This was the start for astring of successful singlesin Denmark.On stage and on record thegroup used variousbassplayers among thoseStig Kreutzfeldt and HansBandman.The Lollipops wasa sixties phaenomenand in the latesixties they gotproblems writingrocksongs,whichsuited the time.They tried to be alittle progressivewith ôOn My Way öin 1969,included here as a specialbonus,but returned quicklyto covers of popsongs likeôMaxwell ĺs silverhammer ö(69),Goody goodygumdrops ö(70)and ôRa ta tata ö(71).The group broke up in 1971,but came back in 1973 thistime mainly with songs inDanish and other string of successful hits followed. On this double CD you ĺll findthe complete output from thegroup 1963-1967 plus theirEnglish singles from 1968.They made a bad album in1968,which there wasn ĺtroom for on this collection.

 01.Lollipop Lips (Hank Hunter – Stan Vincent)
 02.Movin the shoes (B.G.Edling -Lehaa)
 03.Hey sing dey dee doo daa (Britta -Master – Leopold)
 04.Shakin all over (F.Heath)
 05.Do you know
 06.There was a time
 07.Lollipops shake
 08.Look at this boy
 09.Lollipops boogie (Boheme)
10.Speedy Gonzales (Kaye-Hill-Lee)
11.Birthday party (Madara-White)
12.All my loving (Lennon-McCartney)
13.Little bad boy
14.Don t matter what you do
15.Oh girl
16.I love her so
17.It took a long time
18.Look up at the stars
19.I ve got a girl
20.So blue
21.All I ve got to say
22.Two chips and one fish
23.Are you lonesome just like me
24.I want her back
25.The boy with freckles and red her
26.Lucky guy
28.I ll stay by your side
29.That s all
30.I see it now
31.Words ain t enough
32.Who cares about me
33.Why fly the birds
34.Keep on waiting
35.So many things to tell you
 01 What I d say (Ray Charles)
 02.Naked when you came
 03.Little cat lost
 04.Another girl
 05.I m so sad
 06.A change has got to come
 07.Run run run
 08.Put you on the chart
10.Once again
11.I m a flop
12.I need
14.You don t have to go
15.Rub down
16.Fun to be a man
17.Swing and sway
18.I can t live without your loving
19.Stop (before you break my heart)
21.Sussy Moore
22.Love is a game for two
23.I feel the sun up there
24.Love me love me
25.Ha ha ha hee hee hee
26.Marry her tonight
27.A freight train to Boston
28.Your eyes are shining
29.Good times baby
30.On my way


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