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The Rocking Ghosts wasone of the most popularDanish groups in thesixties both in Denmark,but also around the world,The Rocking Ghostsreleased records in a lot ofcountries Germany ,Japan, U.S.A. , Mexico, etc.Originally started as aschoolband early 1962 witha trumpet as leadinginstrument! But changedstyle and instruments inthe middle of the sameyear. They were heavilyinspired of Cliff Richardand not at least theShadows, so naturally theirfirst recordings wereinstrumentals. Their firstsingle ôVilja oh Viljaö wasa rocktreatment of a FranzLÚhar classic. Their realwith the fourth singleôBelindaö. Placed high inthe charts in 13 months inDenmark and released inmost Europaincountries. An even greatersuccess followed in 1966with their rearrangement ofJohan Strauss ô-ber denWellenö, which becameôOh What A Kissö. Therecord sold alone 60.000copies in Denmark, whichwas a very big figure for arockrecord in those years.The Rocking Ghosts image was always the niceguys – no long hair, alwaysnice suits, but in 1967 theytried to chance their imageto the new flower powerstyle. But the changedidn t give them any newfans and they lost a lot ofthe group decided to splitup.In this double CD you llfind the completerecordings for the RockingGhosts first 4 years.I 1974 the group reformedbut mainly as a dance andDanish middle-of-the-roadband.The group still excisttoday in that style.<br>Grufus<br><DIV align=left><FONT color=#000000 face=”Arial Narrow” size=2><STRONG>CD1<BR></STRONG>1.Vilja oh vilja (vers.1)(F.Lehar)<BR>2.Lady of Spain(T.Evans)<BR>3.Scotland the brave (trad)<BR>4.Under the bridges of Paris (Vincent Scotto)<BR>5.In the mood (Ratcalfe-Garland)<BR>6.Hey,hey,hey,hey,hey (Hayley)<BR>7.Jambalaya (Hank Williams)<BR>8.Whole lotta shakin gong on (S.David -D.Williams)<BR>9.Darling (Vald.Hansen-John Illum)<BR>10.Vilja oh vilja (vers.2)<BR> 11.Shakin all over (Heath)<BR>12.Sleep walk (Farina -Farina -Farina -Wolf)<BR>13.Skinny Minny (Hayley)<BR>14.Tribute to Buddy Holly (Goddard)<BR>15.Pretend (Douglas-Parman)<BR>16.Slow down (Larry Willams)<BR>17.I want to hold your hand (Lennon-McCartney)<BR>18.Belinda (vers.1)(Timm Madsen-John Illum)<BR>19.Ghost walk (vers.1)(Timm Madsen)<BR>20.Dont ha ha (H.Smith-J.Vincent)<BR>21.7-9-13 (Svend Larsen)<BR>22.Ol man Mose (Armstrong-Randolph)<BR>23.Ghost walk (vers.2)(Timm Madsen)<BR>24.Who put the bomp (Mann-Goffin)<BR>25.Ferry across the Mersey (Marsden)<BR>26.Annie is back (John Andersen)<BR>27.Besame mucho (Wilke-Velasques-Skylar)<BR>28.Ya,ya twist (Robinson)<BR>29.Nivram (Hank B.Marvin)<BR> 30.Belinda (vers.2)(Timm Madsen-John Illum)<BR>31.Ticket to ride (Lennon-McCartney)<BR></FONT></DIV> <DIV align=left><FONT color=#000000 face=”Arial Narrow” size=2><STRONG></STRONG></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV align=left><FONT color=#000000 face=”Arial Narrow” size=2><STRONG>CD2<BR></STRONG>1.Dont be afraid of love (Timm Madsen-John Illum) <BR>2.Marianne (Timm Madsen-John Illum)<BR>3.Take a heart (Mike Dallon)<BR>4.Heart by heart (George Lemke)<BR>5.Working after school (Abramams-Medley)<BR>6.F&#344;r Elise (L.van Beethoven)<BR>7.Evergreen tree (Schroeder-Gold)<BR>8.Main theme (Welsh-Marvin-Rostill)<BR>9.I am afraid to go home (Geld-Udell)<BR>10.Djengis Khan (Timm Madsen)<BR>11.What am I living for (Jerry-Parris)<BR>12.Take special care (Welsh-Marvin)<BR>13.Maria Elena (Barcelata)<BR>14.Waiting for a train (Rodgers)<BR>15.Jazz tears (Svend Larsen)<BR>16.One more time (Tillis)<BR>17.Oh oh what a kiss (Stranger-Panken-W.Blox) <BR>18.I only want to be with you (Marvin-Welsh-Rostill-Bennett)<BR>19.I love you,I love you (Sven Gyldmark -Erik Leth) <BR>20.Now is the hour (Clemens Scott-Maewa Kaihau)<BR>21.There is a difference (Timm Madsen-Kai Petersen &amp;Bjoern Holte)<BR>22.Flower man(Nardelli)<BR>23.Gonna cry (Bjoern Holte-John Treffeldt)<BR>24.Rock around the clock (M.C.Freedman-J.D.Knight)<BR>25.My heart still shines (John Trefeldt)<BR>26.Kom en tiger I tanken -as The Tigers (Sven Gyldmark)<BR>27.Tiger rag -as The Tigers (La Rocca-Harry da Costa)<BR>Special bonus:The Treffters<BR>28.Tinto (John Treffeldt)<BR>29.Boogie twist (John Treffeldt)<BR></FONT></DIV>



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