RB 212 The Matadors – The Complete Recordings


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1.Volga (P.Lehar)
2.The Pitch (Tommy Petersen)
3.Memphis Tennesee (Chuck Berry)
4.You are my dream (Tommy Petersen)
5.My situation (vers.1)(Tommy Petersen)
6.Why feeling blue (vers.1)(Tomy Petersen)
7.I love spring (Tommy Petersen)
8.Hallelujah I love her so (Ray Charles)
9.Why feeling blue (vers.2)(Tommy Petersen)
10.Sea of heartbreak (Hall David -Paul Hampton)
11.Peace and war (Tommy Petersen)
12.I got a woman (Ray Charles)
13.Little lover (Nash -Clark)
14.Where have you been (Gunter)
15.My situation (vers.2)(Tommy Petersen)
16.Troubles in love (Tommy Petersen)
17.Only you (Buck ram -Ande Rand)
18.Dont you ever take your love away (Marsden)
19.Love birds (Bent Fabric)
20.Happiness (Tommy Petersen)
21.Love is not for me (Tommy Petersen)
22.Funny story (Tommy Petersen)
23.Good enough (Tommy Petersen)
24.Lost years (Tommy Petersen)
25.Monread theme (Tommy Petersen)
26.That is the future (Tommy Petersen)
27.You will return (Tommy Petersen)
28.Beautiful circle (Tommy Petersen)
29.What is life (Tommy Petersen)
30.Feelings (Tommy Petersen)
31.Last love (Tommy Petersen)
32.Relax Frede (Bent Fabric)
33.Skip it (Tommy Petersen)
1.Saadn var det ikke i halvfemserne (Aage Stentoft -Epe &Poul Sorensen)
2.Outrage (Jackson,Allan,Cropper,Steinberg)
3.I wanna be loved by you (Kalmar-Stothart-Ruby)
4.Remember walking in the sand (George Morton)
5.Popcorn man (P.Morganfield)
6.The beat goes on (S.Bono)
7.Sweet little angel (R.King -J.Taub)
8.Dont let me go (Stone)
9.Parchman farm (Mose Allison)
10.Watermelon man (Herbie Hancock)
11.Chanel no.5 (U.Hansen,I.Waldorff,F.Svejdahl,Bjorn)
12.Night life (Willie Nelson)
13.Mellow down easy (W.Dixon)
14.Summertime (Gershwin)
15.Memphis Tennesee (german vocal)(Chuck Berry)
16.Train of love (Hanne)(Paul Anka)
17.Little country girl (Hanne)(Tommy Petersen)

18.Crazy man crazy (The Hellions)(Bill Haley)
19.Tell me girl (The Hellions)(Four Pennies)
20.The way we do it (Tommy P Studio Group)(Tommy Petersen)
21.Train of tender (Tommy P Studio Group)(Tommy Petersen)
22.It wont be wrong (The Immigrants)(McGuinn-Gerst)
23.Dont waste my time (The Immigrants)(John Denver)
24.You might be right (The Immigrants)(S.Nilsson-W.Guerrero-F.Svejdahl)
25.Girl like mine (The Immigrants)(S.Nilsson-W.Guerrero-F.Svejdahl)



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