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Once upon a time five guysstarted up a group calledthe Strangers. It was inCopenhagen in 1959 and themusic was rock n roll.In early 1962 they got arecordcontract andchanged name to the FiveDanes. (The record includedhere). The group ended upearly 1964 and three of themembers started up the trioSir Henry and his Butlers.They appeared already inapril in a contest beeing theDanish Beatles. Soon afterthe group etablishedthemselves as a quartet.The group became a hugesuccess on the Copenhagenbeatscene – not at least atthe popular ôPlace Pigalleöin the famous amusementpark ôBakkenö outsideCopenhagen. Actually theplace which is showed onthis CD s frontcover.The Group made their debuton Sonet with the not verysuccessful ôHi-HeelSneakersö, but the realbreakthrough came laterthe same year with ôLet sGoö. A big Scandinavian hitwhich gave the group asilverrecord for 50.000 soldcopies in Scandinavia. Thiswas quite a lot for a Danishgroup those days.In the following years thegroups made several Danishhits among the biggest wereôMarianneö, ôHucklebucköand ôBeautiful Brown Eyesö,which actully became verypopular after they hadplayed it live in a Scandi -navian Televisonshow andthe song was rush releasedas the new b-side on theirlastest single ôJenny take ARideö .ôMr. Joyfulö was the start ofan new area for the groupwith selfwritten songs andalready in autumn 1967 theygot an international hit withthe weird instrumentalôCampö. The odd ôPrettyStyleö was on the b-side andgave a lot of recordcollectorsthe impression thatSir Henry was a Danishpsychedelic group!!!When the beattime was overSir Henry continued into theseventies with selfwrittencatchy popsongs and thegroup still excist with OleBredahl as the only originalmember.On this double CD you ll findtheir first 3 albums plus thesingles from the period1962-1967.As a special bonus you llfind a ôsupergroupö-medleyfrom 1964 were Sir Henryplayed together with 2 otherDanish topgroups from thattime: The Defenders andPeter Belli & Les Rivals. Thetrack is from a DanishTelevison program from1964.Grufus


  1. I Hear You Knockinĺ (Bartholemew, King)
2. Toy Balloons (B.Mure)
3. Hi-Heel Sneakers (Robert Higgonbotham)
4. Sick And Tired (A.Domino)
5. Letĺs Go (O.Henry)
6. Johnny B. Goode (Bye Bye Johnny) (Chuck Berry)
7. Giddy Up A Ding Dong (Bell)
8. Youĺre So Mystifying (Ray Davies)
9. Times a-getting hard (Lee Hays)
10. You never can tell (Chuck Berry)
11. Stupidity (Burke)
12. Heart of stone (Jagger, Richards)
13 .I am a hog for you (Leiber, Stoller)
14. Something else (E.Cochran)
15. Birds and bees (Barry Stuart)
16. The Zoo (M.Lane, J.Linde)
17. Lawdy, lawdy blues (Arr. O. Henry)
18. Sweet little rock and roller (Chuck Berry)
19.  Zeep dee doo dap (Cole Porter)
20. I am just a rolling stone (Donegan, Curtis)
21. I can tell (Baker Knight)
22. Sweet and tender romance (Shakespeare, Hawker)
23. Eve of destruction&nbsp(P.F.Sloan)
24. White christmas (Irving Berlin)
25. Jingle bells (O.Henry)
26.  Jenny take a ride! (E.Johnson,R.Tenniman,B.Crewe)
27. Baby you lie (O.Henry, S.Moeller)
28.  Mr. Joyful (Tommy Seebach Mortensen)
29. Sweet Dreams Of You (Don Gibson)
  1. Dont send me no flowers (Donna, Weiss)
2. “Hey sah lo – ney” (B.Lane, J.Linde, M.Lane)
3. She belongs to me (Bob Dylan)
4. My gal is red hot (R.Hawkins)
5. I will be on my way (Lennon,McCartney)
6. My baby dont care (Resco)
7. By the light of the silvery moon (G. Edwards, Madden)
8. A tisket, a tasket (Ella Fitzgerald)
9. Beautiful brown eyes (Trad.arr.O.Henry)
10. If you want me to need you (Clark)
11. Praying soldier (Bent Keutmann)
12. Well alright (B.Holly)
13. It keeps raining (Fats Domino)
14. Lovers of the world unite (Cook,Greenaway)
15. Something you got (Kenner)
16.  Bad boy (M.Wilde)
17. I fought the law (S.Curtis)
18. Marianne (Kai Norman Andersen,Peter Pavey)
19. Sweet and lovely (Arnheim, Tobias, Lemore)
20. Little bitty pretty one (Byrd)
21. Faraway places (Joan Whitney, A.Kramer)
22. Feel so blue (Carrity)
23. I am into something good (Goffin, King)
24.  Learning the game (B.Holly)
25. Do the Hucklebuck (Alfred,Gibson)
26. Camp ( The rolo sensation ) (O.Henry)
27. Pretty Style (O.Henry, T. Mortensen, Jens Boegvad)
28. Do it again (Tommy Seebach Mortensen, J.Boegvad)
29. Poor Bobby (O.Henry, A.Schroeder)
30.      Medley: Giddy Up A Ding Dong (Live)(Bell)
Cadillac (The Defenders)(The Renegades)
I m In Love (Peter Belli & Les Rivals)(The Animals)





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