RB 040 The Renegades – Cadillac, Take A Heart


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The CD contains the both first German Renegades-LPs: “Cadillac” and “Take a Heart” and many rare single-tracks. There are – except their famous “Cadillac ” – many fine beat-titles of this British group which reissued in Scandinavia and in Germany.
  1.    Cadillac (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
2.    Do The Shanke (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
3.    Seven Daffodils (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
4.     Hold Me Close (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
5.    What would I Say (R. Charles)
6.    I Am A Hog For You (Leiber-Stoller)
7.    Lucille (Pennimen)
8.    Bad Bad Boy (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
9.    If I Had Someone To Dreaam Of (Lindskorg-Carlstorm)
10.    Talahassie Lassie(Slay Jr.-Crewe)
11.&nbsp   More Than Peggy Sue (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
12.    Dont Make A Fool Out Of Me (Brown- Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
13.    Take A Heart (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
14.    Far From It (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
15.    And I Need You (Linkorg)
16.    Rockin Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie (Vencent)
17.    The World Is My Home (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
18.    Things Will Turn Out Right (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
19.    The Alamo (Brown- Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
20.    Broken Heart Collector (Dallon)
21.    If It Gets Lonesome (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
23.    Dont Run To Me (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
24.&nbsp   Every Minute Of The Day (Brown)
25.    I Was There (Lindskorg)
26.    The Girl Can not Help It (Troup)
27.    Look At Me (B. Holly)
28.    I have Been Unkind (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
29.    Everybody (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)
30.  &nbspYou Love Me Too (Brown-Gibson-Johnson-Mallett)



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